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Propane / LPG Safety Training

What Is LPG?

LPG is a very versatile group of gases that are found in both industrial and domestic situations.

LPG includes Propane and Butane, which are so common that their names are familiar to almost everyone.

Propane is used in industry for a wide range of commercial applications, including heating materials up, cutting, brazing, soldering, shrink-wrapping, road surfacing and white-lining. Butane is generally used in domestic environments.

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Why Provide Safety Training?

Due to their extensive everyday use, Propane gas cylinders and equipment are often viewed as harmless. However, they are highly flammable and can present many hazards.

If they are used incorrectly or by untrained staff the consequences can be considerable.

It is therefore essential that users of LPG receive formal safety training so they use Propane gas cylinders and all associated equipment correctly and safely.

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Our Propane/LPG Training

Our LPG training provides a firm understanding of the key safety issues associated with the handling, storage and use of Propane in a wide range of commercial applications.

The training can be delivered by one of our professional trainers, or via e-learning.

Additionally, after completing initial theory training delegates can then choose to undertake optional practical training that is bespoke and relevant to their particular application, should they require it.

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